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What Are the Guardians' Funds?

The Guardians Grant Fund

The Guardians Grant Fund provides up to $1,000 for each grant to help men in need. Some examples include buying tires so a man can get to his job, providing funds to cover some medical or dental services, or providing a bed for an elderly man. A list of most of the approved grants can be found in the Recent Grants section of the The Guardian web site Home page .

Grant applications are processed only through the assistance agencies listed on the Home page. Those seeking assistance should apply with these Manhattan, Kansas agencies and not to The Guardians since the funds are paid directly to the providers of requested services and needs.

The Guardians Endowed Fund

The Guardians Endowed Fund (GAEF) is an endowed fund within the Greater Manhattan Community Foundation. The earnings from the GAEF are joined with other contributions to provide grant funds for men. Our members share a strong commitment to increase the endowment to ensure funds will always be available to help Manhattan area men have the opportunity to live self-sufficiently with hope and dignity.

The Guardians Operating Fund

The Guardians Operating Fund was established to provide the operational support necessary to promote the Guardian’s program