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Man with kidney failure receives grant for car repairs

Greetings Guardians,

This is an impactful story of a man that was in serious need and found out he needed a larger grant in order fix his car so he could continue to go to treatments.

A man originally requested and received a grant for $385.96 for car repairs. When the mechanics started the repair, they found more necessary work to be done. This boosted the repair price from the original $385.96 to $510.37. This man has been battling kidney failure and has been receiving treatments 3 times a week. With his disability it limits his income which didn’t give him enough money for the repairs. His car is his only means of transportation so it was imperative that his car got fixed.

Man helped with car repairs

A 71 year old single man usually manages to live on his $730 social security and $80 food stamps. He receives housing assistance, but pays for electric, gas, car insurance, burial insurance, and food. He recently paid for car renewal and tags, so his funds are short. His Ford Pick-up needed 2 radiator hoses replaced and were fixed with a $133.13 grant.

Man having kidney treatments recieves grant for car repairs

A 46 year old single man was working full time until his health failed him.  He has kidney failure and has to go to treatments 2-4 times a week.  He now receives $721 for disability and has housing assistance.  He pays for his portion of the rent, electric, car insurance, food, phone and gas, but has nothing left for emergencies like car repairs. He got his car repaired by a grant totaling $385.96 so now he can continue to go to his treatments.

Parents lose job after car troubles moving from Florida to Kansas, granted 3 beds for family

Parents of 4 children between the ages of 7 and 16 were moving from Florida to Kansas in order to make a better life for their family by taking a promising job here in the Midwest. Devastatingly their car had several issues arise on the trip making the travel time longer than expected resulting in them losing the job. This was heart breaking for the family, and relatives that live in Manhattan let them stay with them until they developed a new plan. Schools have already been collecting household items in order to help the family, and they are currently searching for jobs in Manhattan. They are having trouble getting larger home furnishings, as it is too expensive for them to rent furniture or rent a place that already has furniture. They were awarded a grant for $569.85 for 2 twin beds and 1 full sized bed in order to help them get back on their feet and have a place to sleep at night.

Older Gentleman gets car repairs so he can continue to pay for wife's funeral

This 71 year old man has unfortunately lost his wife recently. He was been living off of social security and food stamps, barely making it by on his discounted rent. Between prescriptions, payments on his wife’s funeral, and other living expenses, he just can’t find a way to make a livable budget each month. He is in works of lowering his monthly payment to the funeral home in order to create a more obtainable budget. He is in need of replacement of the computer and battery in his Chrysler, and was awarded a $600 grant to help cover those costs. 

Man helped with car repairs to continue working and caring for his mother

This man had recently become homeless due to an extended period of unemployment. Since then he has been able to secure a job working for a local restaurant which has enabled him to begin the transition for the shelter into permanent housing. His financials are fully tied up in paying his rent, so after the unfortunate event of his car breaking down, even though things were starting to turn around it left him unable to pay for the repairs. This man is in need of his car as he uses it for transportation to and from work and the nursing facility where he cares for his ailing mother. He has been awarded a grant for $504.10 in order to repair his car.

Single man helped with car repairs

A 49 year old single man owned a cabinet making shop for 22 years. Over the past few years he made some poor choices which caused him to lose the business, but now has an opportunity to work for another woodworking company.  He is ready to get back on his feet and employed but his 2001 Chevrolet truck needs a fuel pump repair and brake work in order for him to get to work. The best price that we could find would only repair the fuel pump which will get his truck running again. The quote is $628.02, which the grant will cover $600 and he will find a way to pay the $28.02.

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