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Recent Grants


Man helped with car repairs to sustain employment

"An unemployed single man is a by trade cabinet maker. A month ago he had medical issues which cost him his job due to a month-long absence. After the job loss, he obtained employment, but on his first day, his truck wouldn't turn over and he was let go. His truck has had many issues, but primarily a very large crack in the radiator. He received an eviction notice and had to be out by the end of the month if he couldn’t get his truck running and find employment. He was given a grant to pay for the repair costs so he can find employment and stay in his home."

Man fighting for custody of daughter helped with car repairs

"A single dad of a 10 month old girl who is currently employed but a lot of his income has been used for court costs to secure custody of his little girl. The mother is not a welcome influence on her. He does not receive any housing or food assistance, pays rent and utility bills, food, diapers, cell phone and has been paying someone to drive him to work. His dad helps with child care but he still has to pay someone else about $200 a month. His 2001 Nissan would not run and needed spark plugs, an oxygen sensor, and a battery. A grant was issued for $586.77 in order to get his car fixed so he can drive himself to work."

Disabled man helped with knee brace to keep working

"A 44 year old single man has been troubled with physical limitations for many years. He is currently working 20-24 hours a week and receives a disability check. He has Medicare coverage, but his exasperated knee pain requires him to have more doctors’ appointments and a knee brace that is formed for his specifications. He has been awarded a $210 in order to pay for this knee brace so that he can keep working."

Family of 6 helped with car repairs

"A 37 year old married man with 4 children all under the age of 15 is currently unable to work because of back surgery. His wife added another shift for a temp agency in order to stay afloat. They manage their money well for a family of 6, but he was not expecting to be out of for this long of a period. He has been in need of truck repairs of tires, fuel system cleanout, and a U joint replaced. He has been approved for a grant of $600 in order to help him with the car repairs."

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